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Our ethos

Fostering Change Network (FCN) is a global consulting organization of child welfare specialists, policy analysts, strategic planning professionals, certified, trauma-informed trainers, community outreach specialists and resource development specialists that lead the effort to improving child welfare policy and programming by integrating the alumni “voice” of foster care and adoptee alumni experience into every aspect of its work. We do this in two ways:

1) All FCN consultants are alumni of adoption and/or the foster care system: FCN is the only organization in Maryland, and possibly in the United States, that can make this claim.

2) FCN has created and sponsors a worldwide network of alumni of foster care and adoption who support each other’s professional, business and entrepreneurial efforts through the FCN Alumni Powerhouse Networking Conferences (www.alumnipowerhouse.net) and related networking activities.

By combining its consultants’ recognized expertise as child welfare professionals with each consultant’s experience as alumni of foster care and/or adoption, and calling upon its network of adoptive and foster care alumni when necessary, Fostering Change Network is uniquely positioned to serve government agencies, foster youth, foster parents, and child welfare staff members throughout the public and private sectors who research, create policy alternatives for or provide services to any part of the foster care system. The FCN difference is this: unlike other child welfare organizations, our results resonate with the legitimacy of our direct experience as adoptive and foster care alumni.

Our mission

It is FCN's mission to  improve services for and economically strengthen transitioning foster youth and adult alumni of the foster care system by providing consulting services to agencies and organizations working with them and providing personal and professional development information, resources and incubator services to alumni/adoptees of foster care. It is our goal to create an influential network of alumni of the foster care system that will support the growth of other alumni and transitioning foster youth and serve as a mentoring collective to youth transitioning out of the foster care system. 


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